Abandoned Turnpike



Broken concrete, vine twisted trees, and the sound of the wind making the trees creak is what greets you as you enter this abandoned stretch of road. Cars whiz by on the bypass of the tunnels in the distance which sounds like ghosts of days gone by. Walking along the road you hear water trickling and upon further investigation find stone culverts that were built when the stretch was originally a rail line. Then out of nowhere, a large black hole appears in the mountain side. Once the fastest way through the mountains of Pennsylvania since the railroad, now sits dark and lonely.

Colorful graffiti lines the walls from all the curious and sometimes sketchy characters who have visited over the years. The concrete inside the tunnel slowly breaks away to expose the metal beneath holding it together. Broken light fixtures that once shined bright through the long mountain passage now remain dark and shattered.  Some machinery remains but is slowly rotting away by the elements. Here are some photos from our trip there.


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